blog4.jpg54 off 6YD Skips

Our customers keep coming back for more.

This is now our 4th batch in 2 years with this customer. Delivered in batches of 18 off here is the latest consignment heading up the M6

We get repeat business and our client says “You may not be the cheapest, but they last”

blog2.jpgEx Stock / Demonstration units for sale

We currently have the following ex demonstration equipment available for sale. This is constantly changing so please contact us for the latest deals.


1 off    0.75 Yard 1270W 1330L 740H - Fork tunnels, push handle and 2 piece lid
3 off     1250mm wide Snow Ploughs
6 off     1500mm wide Snow Ploughs
7 off     1830mm wide Snow Ploughs


blog4.jpgDelivery to West Africa

In July 2017 we received an enquiry for tipping skips delivered to Ivory Coast in West Africa.
Ridgeway won the order for 10 off 2.0YD heavy duty tipping skips on the basis of our product quality, our willingness to adapt the design to the customer’s requirement and arrange shipping in a container to the port of destination.
This adds to our export markets having previously supplied Iceland, UAE, Ivory Coast, Spain, Malta, and Germany!

blog3.jpgRising Steel Prices

During the last 2 years we have seen constant worldwide increases in the base prices of all steel products. It has covered all products from sheet steel through to laser cut parts, nuts & bolts.
Whilst we can’t ignore this fact Ridgeway is doing all it can to minimise the impact it has on our customers. We are constantly working with our suppliers and the rest of the market to bring you the best deal.







blog4.jpgPremier Bodies relocation

In January of 2018 we relocated the manufacturing facility of Premier Bodies into our recently acquired additional space at Brockmoor.
Ridgeway purchased Premier Bodies in 2013. During 2017 we conducted a strategic review of our operations and could see the advantages of moving Premier Bodies to the same site as Ridgeway.
The move was successfully completed in December of 2017 with all plant and equipment relocated and back in production for January 2018-  It is business as usual!

blog1.jpgRidgeway expand into larger premises

In order to expand our product range we took the decision to double the size of our production facility early in 2017.
This meant we gained an additional 15000 sq ft of production space fitted out with 2 x 5 tonne cranes and 1 x 3 tonne crane.
We have installed 10 new welding stations together with an additional spray facility which can handle fabrications of up to 8-10 metres long x 2.5 metres wide.
This investment has led to us winning a contract for large fabrications used within the construction industry.

Ridgeway Manufacturing Limited
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Tipping Skips, Tipping Bins & Roll Forward Skips
Ridgeway Manufacturing has an extensive knowledge and experience of the Tipping Skips market. Our design team can provide an on-site evaluation of your needs and then tailor our design and build tipping bins, tipping skips, roll forward skips or other suitable fork lift attachment specifically for those requirements. All of our tipping bins are made from a 5mm pressed steel base and as standard are one way entry with a heavy duty handle and catch mechanism. They are fitted with safety chains and come labeled with full operating instructions. Auto Tip Mechanism, upgrade your tipping skip with an Auto Tip Mechanism. This means the driver will not need to leave his truck whilst discharging the load. A safer way to use your forklift attachment, especially when discharging into RORO containers. Ridgeway have a strong reputation for producing high quality Tipping Skips for many industrial applications.

Fork Lift Attachments
Ridgeway's range of fork lift attachments enables you the user to extend the scope and ways your fork lift truck can be used. We manufacture in the UK our snowplough forklift attachments, lifting jibs, forklift hooks, fork-extensions, forklift work platforms, forklift access platforms, forklift mancages and forklift mounted brushes. Our products also include drop bottom bins and steel stillages. We offer a vast amount of standard forklift attachments but we can easily produce a custom product to suit your individual requirements.


Ridgeway Manufacturing has extensive knowledge and experience of the tipping skips market. Our design team can provide an on-site evaluation of your business to work out your requirements and then design our solution accordingly – whether this results in a new tipping skip / roll-forward skip or we end up manufacturing a different forklift attachment entirely.
All of our tipping bins are:
• Made from a 5mm pressed steel base
• Have one-way entry for waste with a heavy-duty handle and catch mechanism
• Fitted with safety chains
• Full operating instructions included
You can also upgrade your skip to include an Auto-Tip Mechanism. This means the driver will not need to leave his truck when discharging the load which is a significantly safer way to use the forklift attachment, especially when used in conjunction with Roll-On, Roll-Off (ROLO) containers.
Ridgeway has a strong reputation for producing high quality tipping skips for many industrial applications, including glass, wood and food through to toxic waste.
Forklift Attachments
As well as tipping skips, Ridgeway’s range of forklift attachments enables our customers to extend the scope and variety of ways their fork lift truck could be used. We manufacture many different types of attachments, including:
• Snowplough forklift attachments
• Lifting jibs
• Forklift hooks
• Fork-extensions
• Forklift work platforms
• Forklift access platforms
• Forklift mancages
• Forklift mounted brushes
As well as our forklift attachments, we also have a variety of other products which you may find useful in your business such as drop-bottom bins and steel stillages, which can help with storage of your companies’ goods and disposal of waste during manufacturing.
Even if there isn’t a product in our range to meet your needs, we can easily produce a custom product to fit your specific requirements. Contact us to find out more.