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Automotive Stillages - Click here for more

A large automotive pressing company approached Ridgeway Steel to design and manufacture a stillage with the capacity to transport from between 28-32 sunroof assemblies from the UK to Eastern Europe. It was vital that the assemblies were kept apart so as to prevent them getting damaged during transport. Furthermore they needed to be sufficiently robust to allow for handling by Fork Lift Truck.

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Craneable Lifting Lugs

Custom Built Tipping Bin For Engineering Firm - Click here for more

A midlands based engineering firm were experiencing problems with a number of tipping bins resulting in an accident the repeat of which needed to be prevented.

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Drain Tap

Drop Bottom Bins

Drop Bottom Bins

Drying Bodies

Export to Malta - Click here for more

The Government of Malta, seeking a solution to the re-cycling of waste, approached Ridgeway via its website. Their existing tipping skips were causing problems associated with noise and they needed a skip that would reduce that noise. Based on this brief Ridgeway designed a skip, with a built in damper, to slow down the tipping process and reduce the level of noise.


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Fork Tunnels

Forklift Attachments

Forklift Attachments

Front End Loader

Great Success Partnering Major Company - Click here for more

The management of plastic waste from end of life appliances, computers, motor vehicles and business equipment is complex. In 2010 a major recycling company established a new plant in the North East of England and approached Ridgeway Manufacturing to provide a solution for the collection, movement and safe disposal of granulated plastic waste on the site.



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Lowlyne Tipping Skip

Man Cage / Work Platforms

Man Cage / Work Platforms


Mesh Height Increase

One Tonne SWL Load Tested Stillage - Click here for more

Traditionally reinforcing bar for the construction industry has been delivered to site in canvas bags, but not always safely. On numerous occasions the weight and shape of the bars has caused the bags to rip with the potential to cause serious accidents. A design brief was therefore issued to manufacture a stillage:

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Site Safety

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Steel Fabrication




Telehandler Tipping Skips

Tipping Skips

Tipping Skips

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Tipping Skips, Tipping Bins & Roll Forward Skips
Ridgeway Manufacturing has an extensive knowledge and experience of the Tipping Skips market. Our design team can provide an on-site evaluation of your needs and then tailor our design and build tipping bins, tipping skips, roll forward skips or other suitable fork lift attachment specifically for those requirements. All of our tipping bins are made from a 5mm pressed steel base and as standard are one way entry with a heavy duty handle and catch mechanism. They are fitted with safety chains and come labeled with full operating instructions. Auto Tip Mechanism, upgrade your tipping skip with an Auto Tip Mechanism. This means the driver will not need to leave his truck whilst discharging the load. A safer way to use your forklift attachment, especially when discharging into RORO containers. Ridgeway have a strong reputation for producing high quality Tipping Skips for many industrial applications.

Fork Lift Attachments
Ridgeway's range of fork lift attachments enables you the user to extend the scope and ways your fork lift truck can be used. We manufacture in the UK our snowplough forklift attachments, lifting jibs, forklift hooks, fork-extensions, forklift work platforms, forklift access platforms, forklift mancages and forklift mounted brushes. Our products also include drop bottom bins and steel stillages. We offer a vast amount of standard forklift attachments but we can easily produce a custom product to suit your individual requirements.


Ridgeway Manufacturing has extensive knowledge and experience of the tipping skips market. Our design team can provide an on-site evaluation of your business to work out your requirements and then design our solution accordingly – whether this results in a new tipping skip / roll-forward skip or we end up manufacturing a different forklift attachment entirely.
All of our tipping bins are:
• Made from a 5mm pressed steel base
• Have one-way entry for waste with a heavy-duty handle and catch mechanism
• Fitted with safety chains
• Full operating instructions included
You can also upgrade your skip to include an Auto-Tip Mechanism. This means the driver will not need to leave his truck when discharging the load which is a significantly safer way to use the forklift attachment, especially when used in conjunction with Roll-On, Roll-Off (ROLO) containers.
Ridgeway has a strong reputation for producing high quality tipping skips for many industrial applications, including glass, wood and food through to toxic waste.
Forklift Attachments
As well as tipping skips, Ridgeway’s range of forklift attachments enables our customers to extend the scope and variety of ways their fork lift truck could be used. We manufacture many different types of attachments, including:
• Snowplough forklift attachments
• Lifting jibs
• Forklift hooks
• Fork-extensions
• Forklift work platforms
• Forklift access platforms
• Forklift mancages
• Forklift mounted brushes
As well as our forklift attachments, we also have a variety of other products which you may find useful in your business such as drop-bottom bins and steel stillages, which can help with storage of your companies’ goods and disposal of waste during manufacturing.
Even if there isn’t a product in our range to meet your needs, we can easily produce a custom product to fit your specific requirements. Contact us to find out more.