Tipping Skips


Ridgeway Manufacturing has a long history of designing and building bespoke tipping skips for a variety of manufacturing businesses, from construction and manufacturing, through to the medical and chemical industries.


A tipping skips is a forklift attachment which allows you to transport waste out of the facility to a waste compactor or a larger skip, more efficiently and more safely than you would trying to remove waste by hand.


All of our tipping skips are built to last, with the following product features as standard:


  • A robust 5mm thick base made of pressed ste el.
  • The choice of either 3mm or 5mm thick reinforced sides.
  • One-way entry for waste with a heavy-duty handle and catch mechanism.
  • Fitted with safety chains for safer transportation and unloading of your tipping skip
  • CE Marked and Certified
  • Available in different sizes (up to 3.00 YD (2.40 CUM))
  • Full operating instructions included

We have a variety of optional extras available for your tipping skip, such as polyurethane castors and colour coding, to help meet your requirements. To ensure your tipping skips works for you, our design team will visit you on-site to evaluate your needs and we feel this personal customer service, along with our investment in the very latest technologies and processes, such as SOLIDWORKS in our CAD department, helps us to design the right solution for you.


We manufacture all of our products in house at our modern manufacturing facility right in the heart of the West Midlands so you can be sure the product you receive is a high-quality, UK product crafted to your requirements. Our facility also gives us very flexible capabilities, from bespoke one-off designs or prototypes specific, through to large scale production runs.


Browse our tipping skips below as well as some of the optional extras we can include.


Types of Tipping Skip:

Lowlyne Tipping Skips


A Lowlyne roll forward tipping skip is ideal where outfalls are very low such as conveyor or scrap exists underneath machinery.


0.5 YD Tipping Skip

0.5 Yard

Ideal for confined spaces and can handle loads up to 1 tonne.


0.75YD Tipping Skip

0.75 Yard

A multi-purpose tipping skip where space is at a premium – suitable for heavy or dense small parts, or lighter waste such as card, plastics, timber or paper.


1YD Tipping Skip

1 Yard

Similar to the 0.75 yard but slightly larger to allow for more waste to be collected.


1.5 yard Tipping Skip

1.50 Yard

The 1.50 Yard tipping skip is widely regarded as the general purpose tipping bin and is suitable for most types of waste streams.


2YD Tipping Skip

2 Yard

The 2.00 yard tipping skip is designed to handle the heaviest types of waste and can lift up to 5 tonnes, perfect for larger and more bulky items.


3 YD Tipping Skip

3 Yard

The largest tipping skip in our range to handle the heaviest types of waste. It's high capacity makes it ideal for scrap collection or other high volume waste streams.


3 YD Tipping Skip

Auto Tip Tipping Skips

If you need to empty a tipping skip at height then an auto-tip mechanism may be the perfect choice to dispose of waste quickly and safely – ideal for Roll On Roll Off (RORO) containers.


Custom Tipping Skips

Custom Tipping Skips

We can also manufacture a variety of bespoke tipping skips if none of the standard sizes above meet your requirements.



Tipping Skip Additional Features

Castors on a Tipping Skip


For easy manoeuvrability, all of our tipping skips can be fitted with castor wheels.


Tipping Skip with Lids


When light waste is moved from indoors to outdoors, folding steel lids can prevent waste blowing away, or to keep dry potentially hazardous waste.


Drain Taps / Baffle Plates

Drain Taps / Baffle Plates

To assist with the removal and drainage of fluids from the unit prior to discharging of the waste.


Mesh Height Tipping Skips

Mesh Height Increase

A mesh height increase is an easy way to increase the height of your tipping skip so you can increase capacity on some of our smaller models.


Extra Heavy Duty Tipping Skip

Extra Heavy Duty

If your tipping skip is needed in a demanding environment then you will need a heavy-duty skip to maximise longevity.


Fork Tunnels

Fork Tunnels

Fork Tunnels ensure the forklift has a good fit to the tipping skip so that it is more durable and increases the lifespan of the unit.


Stackable Tipping Skips


Where space is at a premium, we can add supports to the tipping skips so that they are stackable.


Craneable Lifting Lugs

Craneable Lifting Lugs

As well as lifting a tipping skip via forklift, you need to move them via crane & a craneable lifting lug can allow you to do this.


Auto Lock Tipping Skip

Auto Lock Tipping Skips

Increase the speed of your tipping skip by including a locking mechanism to the base of the unit which will securely hold the tipping skip on the forklift.



If you would like to discuss your tipping skip requirements then you can speak to one of our experienced sales team by calling 01384 483030.


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