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Ridgeway Manufacturing Ltd is the UK’s premier manufacturer of fork lift truck attachments and skips. From our modern manufacturing facility in the heart of the West Midlands we use the latest techniques and processes, including SOLIDWORKS within our CAD department, to design our range of solutions. Our capabilities start with bespoke one off designs specific to your needs, expanding through to large scale production runs of tipping bins and skips.

Established in 2001, we have worked in a range of different industries designing different waste management products ensuring that whatever your waste problem, we will find a solution tailored to you. 

Call now on 01384 483030 and ask for our sales team or e mail us on sales@ridgewayuk.com to talk to our experienced staff who will be able to assess your individual requirements and advise you of the best solution.

Ridgeway have taken the hassle out of getting the right forklift attachment for your needs. You can either call us on 01384 483030 or e mail us at sales@ridgewayuk.com and you will receive an official quotation complete with a full technical specification on the same day. 

However, if you have been searching without luck then Ridgeway will help you find the solution.

We understand that most people’s requirements are different. Our experienced team of people will work closely with you to identify what you need. Ridgeway will work with you throughout the design stage and even produce a prototype if you are still unsure.

Once you are satisfied the product has achieved your criteria then we can move forward to a full production run.

If you know your requirements then our extensive range of standard products would be suitable. However, we also offer a wide choice of optional extras to enhance the standard product.

  • We design, manufacture & paint in house
  • Computer aided design coupled with modern CNC machinery
  • ISO 9001 accredited
  • Dedicated team of experts on hand to discuss your requirements
  • Worldwide delivery network
  • Range of modern production equipment


Forklift Attachments in the UK 

As well as tipping skips, Ridgeway's range of forklift fork attachments enables you the user to extend the scope and ways your fork lift truck can be used, whether it is push, pull,  lift, carry, crane, hold, dispense, rotate and clamp equipment. We manufacture in the UK many types of attachments, including:



With our range you can turn your forklift into a multi-purpose industrial tool, capable of providing a wide range of material handling solutions.


Here at Ridgeway Manufacturing Limited, we are based at our specialist manufacturing facility right in the heart of the West Midlands. At our base we have invested in the latest technology and processes, including SOLIDWORKS within our CAD department, which allows us to design a wide range of attachments, including tipping skips and tipping bins.


Indeed, our capabilities range from bespoke one-off designs for your specific needs, expanding through to large scale production runs. Our service includes design, manufacture, modification, repair and testing, with full technical expertise and expert in-house manufacturing at hand, delivered by our dedicated team with over 40 years combined experience, whilst ourselves being established as a business in 2001.


All of our heavy duty forklift truck attachments are CE marked to comply with current legislation and are designed and manufactured to meet the highest European standards. By choosing us, you can be confident you have chosen a product built to last and we aim to manufacture and deliver to you quickly and efficiently. We will also supply you with operating instructions, certificates and declarations.


We can design for many forklift brands, including:

  • A.T.I.B.
  • Atlet
  • Ausa
  • Baumann
  • Bendi
  • Bobcat
  • Bolzoni
  • Boss
  • Brudi
  • BT
  • BT-Rolatruc
  • CAM
  • Carer
  • Cascade
  • CAT
  • Caterpillar
  • Clark
  • Combilift
  • Crown
  • CVS-Ferrari
  • Daewoo
  • Dantruck
  • Datsun
  • Doosan
  • Elwell Parker
  • Fantuzzi
  • Fiat
  • Flexi
  • Genie
  • Hako
  • Hanselifter
  • Heli
  • Hoist-Liftruck
  • Hubtex
  • Hyster
  • Irion
  • JCB
  • Jungheinrich
  • Kalmar
  • Kaup
  • Komatsu
  • Lancer
  • Linde
  • Manitou
  • Merlo
  • Mitsubishi
  • Moffett
  • Narrow-Aisle
  • Nexen
  • Nichiyu
  • OM Pimespo
  • Omega
  • OMG
  • Pramac
  • Rocla
  • Roncari
  • Royal
  • Samsung
  • Samuk
  • Sichelschmidt
  • SMC
  • SMV
  • Stabau
  • Steinbock
  • Still
  • Sumi
  • Svetruck
  • TCM
  • Terberg
  • Terex
  • Toyota
  • Translift
  • Yale

Forklift Mounted Man Cage / Riding Baskets / Landing Platform


Forklift Mounted Man-riding and access platforms are used to lift one or two people up to a raised working area, where it might be impractical, unsuitable or unsafe to use a ladder or cherry picker.


All of our baskets are load rated to check they can also be used in the transportation and/or raising of raw materials to the working area.


Note: It is important that when working from height, the appropriate safety measures are in place for all people on the access platform, such as fall protection equipment in order to comply with Working from Height Regulations.


Environment and Waste Handling Attachments


Another key forklift attachment most businesses require are those that remove waste from the manufacturing area, such as wood, bricks or rubble. Our range of roll forward tipping skips are the perfect waste handling equipment for this job.


Our range also includes tipping bin type stillages which empty at the base, rather than tipping the load out of the skip. We also have available semi-stainless and stainless steel tipping skips designed primarily for use in the food or chemical industry, where there is greater emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene, or issues such as corrosive or hazardous liquids being used.


Forklift Truck Mounted Drum Handling Attachments


A drum attachment is a very handy piece of equipment when drums need to be transported frequently. All of our drum attachments slide onto the fork lift truck and they are fixed by a bolting mechanism. There are drum attachments available to transport and/or tilt or empty the drum.


There are four main types of drum in use by industry today and there are a wide variety of drum attachments to suit all drum sizes. Our drum attachments can be either carriage mounted, or crane slung. A carriage mounted forklift drum attachment means it takes the place of the fork tines on the fork truck whereas crane slung means it can be lifted from the top with the use of a hook and lifting device such as a crane or forklift truck with a lifting hook.


Fork Mounted Jib and Hook Attachments


Forklift jibs turn a standard forklift truck into a crane with lifting capabilities. They are designed to fit onto the tines of your truck so are available in a number of different sizes.


These attachments differ from the previous ones as a fork mounted jib or hook is used to lift the load from the top, rather than below. This is for instances where the fork times cannot fit under the load.


Here at Ridgeway, we have a wide variety of jbs and hooks available from low profile to higher profile depending on how high you need to lift an object up. We also have telescopic and extendable fork mounted jibs which can add an extra bit of reach when needed and can be compacted / retracted when not in use to save on space.


All of our jibs are available as carriage or fork mounted depending on the application required. Single tine hooks can also be useful to slide and lock onto a fork tine to turn it into a lifting hook, which can also be removed when not in use.


Why choose us?


Here at Ridgeway Manufacturing, we have a long standing ethos for affordable quality and as a result we have supplied to businesses in the UK and export markets. We have supplied to businesses in many different industries, including metal, glass, paper and wood through to food, chemical and toxic waste disposal.


Our products are manufactured at one central location, using a variety of processes including CAD, steel cutting, bending, welding, painting and testing so we have direct control over the quality and cost of our products. It also means for our bespoke solutions, we can liaise with customers throughout the entire process from design, to manufacture of prototypes, right the way through to manufacture of the finished product. 


As part of our design process and to ensure we meet your exact requirements, our design team will visit you at your premises in order to evaluate your needs and material handling requirements, before proceeding with manufacturing them.


We manufacture all of our attachments at our modern 30,000 sq ft manufacturing facility which is based in the heart of the West Midlands. Our products are all CE marked and are built to the highest European standards and comply with all current legislation. Our facilities include:


  • 6mm Cincinnati shears
  • Drilling & Sawing
  • CNC Press breaking up to 200t x 4000mm
  • Notching and Punching
  • Fabrication and Welding (MIG & TIG)
  • 2 Spray Painting Booths


If you are interested in our range, including tipping skipstipping bins or man cages for your business, please contact us now on 01384 483030 and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you.


As well as our forklift attachments, we also have a variety of other products which you may find useful in your business such as drop-bottom bins and steel stillages, which can help with storage of your companies’ goods and disposal of waste during manufacturing.


Even if there isn’t a product in our range to meet your needs, we can easily produce a custom product to fit your specific requirements. Contact us to find out more.

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