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Ridgeway manufactures a full range of stillages. As with our tipping skips these can be adapted to include sides made of solid steel, mesh or with drop down doors. Dunnage can be supplied and fitted for the automotive market.

Nesting plugs or feet enable the stillages to be stacked in the most efficient way.

For any assistance please call our sales line 01384 483030 where our experienced staff will be able to assess your individual requirements and advise you of the best solution.





A stillage is used to keep goods separate to aid storage and carry goods more easily around the factory floor or to aid in their transportation, reducing the time it takes to load and unload a vehicle and maximising the vehicle space.

Here at Ridgeway, our stillages are designed and manufactured using steel to ensure they are heavy-duty and long lasting. As with our tipping skips, we can also offer a wide range of accessories and adaptations to suit your specific requirements, for example drop down doors can be added to allow for easy access when using them. We can also add nesting plugs or feet to enable the stillages to be stacked, saving space on the factory floor.

Other popular accessories include castor wheels to allow for easy transportation on foot, as well as forklift guides which makes the transportation of products via forklift much easier. When fitted with forklift guides they can also be easily emptied with a rotation device mounted to a forklift truck.

Why choose a metal stillage?

There are many reasons why choosing metal stillages can be beneficial to your business too, especially if you are dependent on wooden pallets in your warehouse, manufacturing plant or distribution centre at the moment. 

Wood is a fragile, expensive and unsustainable option for storage and transportation. It will eventually rot, get easily broken and can be prone to damage from spillages. Also the chemicals used to treat wooden pallets often mean the wood is difficult to reuse and recycle so often many wooden pallets end up in landfill. A steel stillage is made from durable and reusable steel so can prove to be more cost-effective over time, as well as more environmentally friendly..

Our range

Our range of heavy duty stillages include:

Mesh Pallet Stillages - Lightweight mesh sided stillages can be used for a variety of applications. They are lightweight and can be made with various runners and stacking options.

Solid Stillages / Metal Cages - Our solid stillages are suitable for when a robust design is needed, most often in steel component storage and transportation. 

Automotive -  We have also designed stillages used by major automotive clients for a variety of purposes, including transporting presswork and components along the supply chain without being damaged.

Why choose us?

Here at Ridgeway Manufacturing, we supply a wide range of forklift attachments including tipping skips, drop-bottom steel bins, RORO’s (roll on, roll off containers) and man cages. From our modern manufacturing facility which is based right at the heart of the Midlands, we use the latest techniques and processes, including SOLIDWORKS in our CAD department, to design our solutions.

Our manufacturing facility allows us a great amount of flexibility and our capabilities start from bespoke one-off designs to your needs, through to large scale production runs. All of our products are CE marked to comply with current legislation and are designed and manufactured to meet the highest European standards. 

Our facility also allows us to provide a full one-stop solution, with design, manufacture, modification, repair and testing, all done in-house with full technical expertise and expert manufacturing at hand, delivered by a dedicated team with many years combined experience.

As part of our design process and to meet your exact requirements, our design team will visit you at your premises in order to evaluate your needs and handling requirements, before proceeding with stillage manufacture. We have a range of standard solutions which we can manufacture but if they do not meet your requirements, then we can easily produce a custom product to your needs. If you would like to find out more then please do not hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 01384 483030.

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