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man cages / access platforms

Here at Ridgeway, we have a number of forklift man cages and access platforms available which are suitable for a wide variety of businesses.

Our range is fitted to the forks of your forklift truck to offer a strong, safe and secure working deck for your employees. All of our access platforms are manufactured at our base right at the heart of the West Midlands, to the highest quality and technical standards so you know our product is safe to use on delivery.

A forklift cage can be an important piece of access equipment, for a variety of working at height purposes, from unscheduled emergency maintenance work, through to building inspection, as well as accessing hard to reach areas where using a cherry picker, spider lifts, boom lifts or scissor lifts might not be possible. They can also be used in a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing and construction, through to farming and maintenance / repair. They are ultimately used to make working at height faster and safer for everyone involved.

Our 1 man and 2 man forklift safety cages are economical yet robust and safe solutions. The platform has a rear steel wire mesh to protect the worker from moving parts and the platforms are fitted with anchor points to fit a safety harness.

All our forklift mounted platforms also come with a heel pin locking system to ensure secure locking to the forklift truck. The non-slip chequer plate steel floor plating will minimise slips and falls when in use. We also put drainage holes in the floor so that any rainwater from storing the unit outside can escape.


Meanwhile, our stretcher option may be an important consideration in circumstances where an option is required to ensure safe rescue of an injured person and transportation of them to a first aider. This is especially true in scenarios where the only other alternative is a stretcher to be man-handled up or down ladders or stairs, which may be more unsafe. The stretcher is gated at both ends for quick entry and exit and can hold up to 2 people.

When choosing your man cage there are various options you will need to consider – do you need it to have chains? A roof? Does it need a self-locking door? Here at Ridgeway we can take all of these considerations into account and design the perfect access platform for your requirements.

Why choose us?

Ridgeway Manufacturing was established in 2001 and is located right at the heart of the West Midlands manufacturing region, so we can take advantage of the exceptional design and manufacturing skills the area is renowned for. 

At our manufacturing base we offer a wide range of forklift attachments - as well as mancages we supply: tipping skipsRORO bodies and containersstillagesjibsextensions and snow plough attachments. We have invested heavily in our manufacturing techniques and processes, including SOLIDWORKS in our CAD department to design our range of solutions with competitive pricing.

Our flexibility allows us to manufacture one-off prototypes through large production runs which has helped us to build a long-standing reputation for quality and efficiency which ensures our customers return to us time and time again.  All of our products are CE marked and are built to the highest European standards .

When you speak to our team we will recommend an appropriate man basket or access platform for your needs. If our off the shelf solutions do not work for whatever reason, then one of our team will arrange a visit to your premises, to discuss your precise requirements and design a bespoke solution for your precise requirements. If you would like to discuss our powered access solutions with us then give us a ring on 01384 483030 and one of our friendly team will be able to help you.

Safety Tips

A man cage is classed as a ‘purpose-built non-integrated working platform’ based on the Work at Height regulations so as a result should comply with the rules within this guidance to ensure workers are safe.

When attaching your powered access platforms to a forklift, then the forks should extend fully into the fork pockets or at least 75% of the way. The powered access equipment should also be locked to the forks so that the basket doesn't accidentally fall off, for example behind the heels of the fork arms. If the platform is carriage mounted with a securing system, this counts as positive locking.

You should also insure that the machine has a tilt/trup lock and that the person being lifted doesn't come into harms way with the machine.

The platform should be as small as possible, but suitable for the number of people inside the cage so it isn't too cramped. It must not exceed the width of the machine it's mounted on by more than 250mm on each side.

The floor of the safety platform must be of adequate strength, slip resistant and designed to prevent the build up of liquid. Any opening in the floor such as mesh, should be less than 1.5cm. The cage should be capable of holding 1,471kg/sq m evenly distributed, or 125kg over an area of 40cm x 40cm. In all instances you should also make sure that the weight of the access platform and the workers using it does nto exceed the forklift truck's maximum safe working load capacity. The safe working load capacities are indicated on the serial plates attached to the equipment.

When using the access platform, you can lean out but a professional safety harness hould be worn and there must be an anchor point on your platform to attach it which needs to be able to take three times the weight of thsoe attached. Our team at Ridgeway will be sure this is catered for within your solution.

It is also key that whilst the platfom is in use that the operator remains at the controls of the forklift whilst the platform is raised.

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